Crowd Wellness: Social Impact

SHAIPing the future of our Crowd through Equality, Ethics & Empowerment

Better Workforce Opportunities. The better Global Community.

“We develop and deploy AI systems to make our lives easier. But we often overlook the lives and livelihood of those who work tirelessly on AI development. Training and labeling data form the major part of AI development and Shaip stands for and with our contractors, vendors, and contributors, perpetually committed to their empowerment and well-being. We go and grow together.”

Code Of Ethics

The process of developing artificially intelligent machines to replace humans requires a humane approach. That’s why Shaip eyes on equal opportunities, inclusivity, fair pay, and the holistic vision of crowd well-being.

Shaip today is comprised of a diverse workforce of over 7,000+ skilled professionals located throughout the world. This gives us a global perspective on the social impact our company makes. We are focused on delivering our people, their families, and communities better opportunities for a better world. 

Fair Pay

We believe paying minimum wage involves exploitation. That’s why we follow strict payment protocols that lets our crowd get paid for what they truly deserve to secure their long-term well-being.

Inclusive Culture

We have zero-tolerance for bias - both in our data and organization. We offer equal employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. We welcome all cultures, ages, religions, and individuals across the globe.

Social Upliftment

We are committed to developing a wholesome community for our crowd, fostering a healthy environment for growth, knowledge exchange, discussions and empowerment.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Every action and step is taken to ensure the data confidentiality of our contributors, and we never share information with 3rd parties without consent.

Opinions Matter

Communication is two ways at Shaip. We are always ears for opinions and suggestions from our contributors and crowd and we take them seriously for implementation.


Like we mentioned, collaboration with Shaip is long-term. So, we help our crowd upskill to in-demand technologies to let them build solid careers in AI and machine learning and stay relevant.

We believe that not only does our entire team deserve the best opportunities to better achieve what they desire in life, but that we help provide them with the means & resources to impact change where they live.

Shaip also provides opportunities not often available, like working from home or remote locations which is ideal for maintaining a healthy work/life balance. We also provide those workers with special needs the opportunity to pursue a career as well as an income to achieve independent living.